Tips Sections

On Arrival

Don't let anyone random help you with your bags as they will be requiring a tip! Just say no thank you and move on.

Always follow your vouchers or travel paperwork instructions. Allow nobody to grab your documents with the excuse to help you.

Tourist card, you can get it online and avoid one of the lines in the airport – just don’t lose it like we did and must buy it twice.

The vendors at the airport are aggressive from the moment you arrive. Be aware you will be pressured by many vendors, prepay your transportation as it is a lot cheaper.

Do not fall for the discounted tours being offered at the airport upon exiting customs It really is for a timeshare presentation and the tour may not be available. Although someone will approach asking you if you have your transfers booked and will try to sell you a transfer (very expensive, just go outside and grab a taxi).

Be aware with your luggage always and during any inspection you might lost something.

At the Hotel

Always use the safe box. Be nice but trust nobody.

If you need to make a call to confirm any service (transfers, tours, flights) do it yourself, put nobody to make. the call for you.